Natural-looking / Metal-free Fillings Questions

What are metal-free fillings?

Fillings are dental restorations used to fill the space in a tooth caused by a cavity. In the past, fillings were made of metal amalgam. Today, cosmetic dentistry uses metal free fillings to fill cavities. Metal free fillings are less noticeable, and can be placed in just one short visit to Dr. Kun’s Whitehall, Pennsylvania cosmetic dentistry studio.

What are the advantages of metal-free fillings?

There are many advantages of metal-free fillings over traditional metal amalgam fillings. First, metal-free fillings are more natural looking than metal fillings. Metal fillings can turn very dark or black over time, while metal-free fillings are tooth-colored to provide a seamless restoration. Secondly, metal-free fillings expand and contract just like your natural tooth, unlike metal fillings. This prevents the chance of the filling causing your tooth to crack. Lastly, metal-free fillings don’t conduct heat and cold like metal fillings, making teeth less sensitive after they have been placed.

Am I a good metal-free filling candidate?

Generally, any time a metal filling could be used, a metal-free filling can be used instead. If you have minor decay and would like to fill a cavity with a metal-free filling, schedule aninitial consultation with Dr. Kun so that he can evaluate your dental health and determine if you are a good candidate for metal-free fillings.

If you live in the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania area and would like to correct your cavities or replace your old fillings with metal-free fillings, contact Dr. Kun today to schedule your initial consultation.