Orthodontic treatment is about more than simple aesthetics. While there is a marked cosmetic benefit to treating the alignment of your teeth and jaw, a major upside to orthodontics is that it evens out the forces of your bite, keeping the teeth from wearing prematurely and preventing muscular or joint problems like TMJ disorders. Our dentist, Dr. Michael Kun, and our team provide orthodontics in Mertztown, Pennsylvania. If you would like to straighten your teeth, please give Brandywine Dental a call at 610-682-6386.

Orthodontics is a field of dental specialty that focuses on correcting irregularities and problems in the teeth and jaws, specifically in the way they are aligned and fit together. Recent research has shown that more than 80% of the total population have an underdeveloped upper jaw and midface. As the lower jaw follows the upper jaw, this causes the lower jaw to also be underdeveloped.

Using an epigenetic approach to orthodontics, we can stimulate and guide jaw growth to ensure that the jaws develop as fully as possible. This improves your oral function as well as your oral and overall health and well-being. Ultimately, we want to help you achieve straight teeth and properly sized and aligned jaws. This provides you with a balanced appearance and allows more room in the mouth for your teeth and tongue to be properly positioned, aids in correct airway development and breathing, helps the jaw joints become healthy, and helps the spine attain a more correct and stable form and balance. Additionally, orthodontic treatment also reduces your risk of developing tooth decay, periodontal disease or other dental problems.

We offer several orthodontic treatments, and our dentist will evaluate your teeth and jaws to determine the type of orthodontic treatment that is right for you. Call us today to learn more about orthodontics and schedule your consultation!