At Brandywine Dental, our dentist, Dr. Michael Kun, and our team make every effort to provide you with gentle and comforting dental care that allows you to get the treatment you need with less anxiety. For some patients, dental anxieties can run deep, and it might take a bit more finesse to treat than the usual dental sedation techniques and treatments.

In cases like this, our team offers an alternative to traditional sedation that is completely drug free. NuCalm® relaxation dentistry uses neuroscience technologies and methods to relax and soothe you naturally.

  • Topical cream or a chewable supplement is given to the patient that mitigates the adrenaline response and keeps the heart rate down.
  • Microcurrent stimulation is used to aid the supplements and lower the natural stress responses of the body.
  • The patient may use the NuCalm app to listen to music or soothing nature sounds with neuroacoustic beats for added relaxation.
  • The NuCalm eye mask helps the patient shut out the external environment to allow them to focus on relaxing.

These combined treatments aim to instill in you a greater sense of control over the situation and your own anxieties or fears. With some positive experiences in the dental chair, you might even be able to “rewire” the fear response in your brain and make the process more bearable and even pleasant in the future. If you are considering NuCalm relaxation dentistry in Mertztown, Pennsylvania, please give our dental office a call today at 610-682-6386 to learn more about how we can improve your dental experience.

How NuCalm Brought Stress Relief to a Family After Cancer