When providing orthodontic treatment to children and teenagers, Dr. Michael Kun takes an epigenetic approach. Young children have growth centers in their faces and jaws that are active and can be stimulated to guide growth. This can produce highly beneficial results for their health and well-being in the long term. To learn more about epigenetic treatment in Mertztown, Pennsylvania, and schedule a consultation with our dentist, call Brandywine Dental today at 610-682-6386.

As orthodontic treatment and correction is much easier to provide for younger patients, our dentist and team recommend that they visit our office for their initial orthodontic screening when they are about 6 years old. By this time, their mouths and jaws have developed enough that we can diagnose any developing problems and provide growth guidance treatments to correct the problems before they can cause damage.

Treatments provided at this early age provide dramatic and highly beneficial results for the face and airway, giving children a more balanced appearance, a healthier jaw and airway, and better oral health and function. This results in a better quality of life and better health in the future.

For more information about epigenetic orthodontic treatment and to set up your child’s initial consultation, contact our office today!