Teeth Whitening Questions

Why do teeth become discolored?

There are many different reasons for teeth becoming stained or discolored. Whether it is dark foods and drinks, genetics, or age, tooth enamel is porous, and can be stained. Fortunately, with professional tooth whitening, many of these stains or discolorations can be lightened.

What are the tooth whitening procedures available?

Dr. Kun provides two different types of tooth whitening that can both provide you with dazzling results. If you would like to have stunning results in a very short amount of time, you can have an in-office tooth whitening procedure performed. If you prefer to whiten your teeth gradually, or in the comfort of your own home, Dr. Kun can prescribe an at-home tooth whitening treatment.

To learn more about the different tooth whitening options Dr. Kun provides at his Whitehall, Pennsylvania cosmetic dentistry studio, visit our Types of Tooth Whitening page.

Is professional whitening better than over-the-counter products?

Yes. Over-the-counter products can leave your teeth looking unnaturally white, making you unsatisfied with your results. Dr. Kun is a trained cosmetic dentist who will make a custom tooth whitening treatment just for you so that you achieve the results you are looking for.

Professional tooth whitening can be performed in Dr. Kun’s cosmetic dentistry studio, or it can be done on your own time in the comfort of your own home with an at-home tooth whitening treatment.

How white can teeth become?

There a few different factors that will affect how white your teeth become. Not only does the extent of your tooth discoloration affect how light your teeth can become, but it is important that your teeth look natural after the tooth whitening procedure. To make sure you receive tooth whitening results that you are satisfied with, while keeping your smile natural looking, it is important to choose an experienced, qualified cosmetic dentist, like Dr. Kun.

How long will my tooth whitening results last?

Your tooth whitening results will be noticeable immediately after your treatment, but the results may fade after a year or two. Fortunately, anytime you would like to touch-up your tooth whitening results, simply schedule another appointment with Dr. Kun.

How much does it cost?

The cost of your tooth whitening procedure will depend on the type of tooth whitening you choose, how white you would like your tooth, and how much tooth whitening is required to achieve the results you are looking for. Dr. Kun will provide you with an estimate for the cost of your tooth whitening during your initial consultation.

Tooth whitening can make a large impact on your life. Many of Dr. Kun’s patients feel more confident and less self-conscious about their smiles after their tooth whitening treatment. If you want a dazzling white smile, contact Dr. Kun today to schedule your initial consultation in his Whitehall, Pennsylvania studio.